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General Counsel Services Information Sheet

A general counsel lawyer can efficiently and effectively handle a business’ legal needs and resolve legal challenges as they arise. An attorney who provides outside general counsel services represents a business in a similar way to an in-house counsel. As a General Counsel Attorney, Thomas Salazar Carter delivers business insights to clients who are not employing an in-house attorney. In this arrangement, a company receives dedicated legal services in an efficient, effective manner.

  Role of Outside General Counsel   

Many small businesses are not in the position to afford having a full-time attorney on their staff. However, as a small business, they are in need of prompt, reliable legal representation at a predictable rate. A business must constantly work to reduce risk while keeping overhead costs low. As business disputes arise or if litigation is needed, legal costs could have a huge impact on the business’ bottom line. Hiring a lawyer every time a legal service is required may not be in the budget. Attorneys usually bill for services on the hour, and legal disputes and litigation may be costly. Attorney Thomas Carter consels couple aobut legal challenges.

However, a business can arrange for an attorney to provide outside general counsel services. In this role, an experienced business attorney can meet the needs of the business while delivering effective, efficient legal services within budget constraints. A general counsel attorney can handle all of the business’ legal issues at a pre-arranged rate. Because the business expects this rate, it can be budgeted and anticipated. In this arrangement, the business benefits from experienced legal representation customized for their particular circumstances.

  Getting Started with Custom Legal Services  

To provide general counsel services, an attorney will first take the time to learn about the unique aspects of your business. At The Law Offices of Thomas S. Carter, we conduct an in-depth review of your company’s basic governance documents, business objectives and additional relevant information. Together, we discuss your current legal needs and the areas of the law which are most applicable to your business. We also agree upon which services are to be covered under the arrangement.

This arrangement can alleviate issues that are often caused when a business owner tries to take care of matters themselves. For example, problems with the supply chain may stem from a poorly-drafted business contract with a key contractor. A wage and hour dispute may be the result of ambiguous elements in the employee handbook. Failure to secure and protect company secrets may be disastrous to an organization. With general counsel services, a business owner can be relieved at not having to call an attorney and rack up billable hours for each legal need. A general counsel attorney will handle the legal issues and craft effective solutions so the business owner can get back to focusing on the operation of their company.

  A Vast Range of Services are Covered    

General Counsel Attorney Thomas Carter provides detailed legal guidance on a wide range of business law matters. As an outside general counsel, he provides services similar to an in-house attorney. With insider’s knowledge regarding your business, Mr. Carter can effectively manage your legal matters. General counsel services extend to business contracts, formation, litigation, torts, transactions and employer-related issues.

In employment-related matters, we protect the rights of business owners. Mr. Carter defends clients and helps clients minimize risk involving employees. Our business law firm handles all employment-related matters, including drafting employment contracts, and creating and revising employee handbooks. Attorney Carter vigorously pursues legal action in cases where former employees have violated non-compete clauses. In addition, he helps business owners avoid employment conflicts, including situations involving high-risk terminations and employment policies on sensitive topics.

  Fee Arrangements  

General counsel services are customized for each client and the cost can vary depending on the nature of your business, size of company and legal services requested. We offer these services on a recurring flat fee basis arranged between the attorney and the client. By receiving legal services at a predictable rate, the business owner is able to budget accordingly. General counsel services allows a business to have high quality legal services dedicated to fulfilling the company’s objectives. This arrangement and fee structure benefits the client with reduced legal costs and professional, skilled legal services.

  Contact an Experienced General Counsel Lawyer    

The Law Offices of Thomas S. Carter represents businesses at all stages of the business cycle. Start-ups, established companies and small-to-mid-sized companies seeking cost-effective legal representation should consider general counsel services. Call (909) 296-3360 and schedule a complimentary consultation, or reach us online to discuss your business legal needs.

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