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Business Transaction Attorney Thomas Salazar Carter provides skilled guidance and representation in a wide range of transactional matters to help ensure the success of your business. Whether the matter involves contracts, articles, agreements, or any of the other numerous complex legal transactions in which a business must participate, Mr. Carter helps clients evaluate economic opportunities, ascertain problems, and establish favorable solutions.

With a high degree of knowledge and skill in handling business transactional matters, Claremont Business Transaction Attorney Thomas Carter brings a personal, straightforward approach to these issues. He has targeted his legal practice to helping commercial clients effectively address and resolve many types of business concerns, including transactional matters which can be critical to a business’ success.

As an experienced Business Lawyer, Mr. Carter is dedicated to protecting his clients’ interests and he works diligently to make sure business transactions are conducted smoothly. He regularly looks ahead with a keen eye to detect and address immediately any issues which may cause future conflict.

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Business Attorney Thomas S. Carter has the experience needed to help your business grow and succeed. He can protect your business from unnecessary risk while offering advice and guidance to advance your business interests.

Our Business Law Firm handles many transactional matters, including:

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Claremont Business Transaction Lawyer Thomas S. Carter is committed to providing outstanding legal services for each client. By minimizing the risk to your business and helping you execute favorable business transactions, Mr. Carter strives to ensure the growth and sustainability of your enterprise. The quality of our work is reflected in positive feedback from clients.

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The Law Offices of Thomas S. Carter serves clients in Claremont and in all of Southern California. Please contact our Business Law Firm for to assist with your business transaction needs.

Call 909.296.3360, or contact our office by email to schedule a free consultation with Claremont Business Transaction Attorney Thomas Carter. With a practical approach, Mr. Carter will answer your questions and provide clear guidance as to your rights and responsibilities as a business owner. Mr. Carter will work closely with your to develop legal objectives along with a course of action strategically designed to achieve your goals.

Claremont Business Lawyer Thomas Carter goes beyond handling the immediate legal action. He also offers guidance and to the business owner at each step of the process.


What is a Business Transaction?

A business transaction can be broadly described as any event that occurs between a business and another party. As a fundamental part of operations, business transactions allow a company to conduct regular business activities. Most transactions involve formal business contracts. The contract details the agreement which can involve two or more parties. After the parties finalize and sign the contract, the contract becomes enforceable. All parties must fulfill the terms and obligations of the contract. Business transactions can involve the selling or purchasing of goods and services, drafting employment agreements, establishing a new business opportunity, and many other situations.

How Can a Business Transaction be Conducted Smoothly?

Business owners and corporate managers require business transactions to be executed in an efficient and effective manner. These smooth business transactions do not contain hidden surprises, veiled costs, or unnecessary hassles or time delays. The terms are clearly identified and each party understands the processes and procedures involved when the contract is finalized. It is critical to work with an experienced business transaction attorney who can structure the deal properly and negotiate on your behalf. An experienced business transaction lawyer can analyze financial records and other documentation to evaluate the situation and possibly consider potential alternatives. By involving a legal professional, you are maximizing the success of the business transaction and ensuring your concerns are addressed.

What should be Considered before Purchasing a Business?

Purchasing a business is one of the largest financial transactions that people make. Buying a business can be stressful, and there are many items to consider before making the decision. However, owning a business is much more than a financial commitment. Depending on the nature of the business, it may be time consuming and involve other aspects of a person’s life. Will the buyer or family members be employed at the business, or is it an investment opportunity? What type of loans will be needed to make the purchase? What type of leases and permits are necessary for this type of business? A potential buyer should examine the personal responsibilities in addition to financial obligations attached to a business venture before making a commitment. A skilled business attorney can help you evaluate your unique situation and assist with negotiating favorable terms when purchasing a new business venture.

Why Does a Company Reorganize or Restructure

There are many reasons why a business would restructure and reorganize. Management may be looking to address issues that have surfaced during regular operations. The company may be preparing for a sale. Reorganization may be required as the corporation emerges from bankruptcy. Or, after purchasing another business, the corporation may be merging operations to become an entirely new company. Similarly, a business may restructure by combining departments or establishing a new business with one or more of its departments.

In many situations, the reorganization and restructuring process is initiated for financial reasons. Corporate restructuring can have a positive impact on the company’s assets and liabilities. After a merger or acquisition, a business can reduce costs by streamlining activities and save money by merging departments with overlapping duties.

Can Employers Reduce Risk in Employee-Related Matters?

It can be challenging for corporate employers and business owners to juggle the operations of the company with the complexities of managing personnel issues. Employment law practices are continuously changing as cases are decided in the courts and as lawmakers establish new rules for the workplace. Understanding legal obligations is critical for every employer so as to minimize the potential for liability in employee-related issues. An experienced business transaction lawyer can evaluate your company, identify areas of concern, and implement systems designed to address employee-related concerns.

Employment matters that are not handled effectively may leave the company vulnerable to costly litigation. It’s possible that reviewing and revising employee handbooks, independent contractor agreements, and compensation and benefits packages may help a business remain in compliance with employment laws while also reducing the risk of liability.

How Can Business Owners Protect Their Interests?

Business owners often encounter situations that require prompt attention. Careful consideration is needed to avoid mistakes when making decisions. Potential missteps may be costly and lead to litigation. Consulting an experienced business transaction lawyer can protect the company and the business owner from corporate or personal liability. Business Attorney Thomas S. Carter skillfully handles the transactional needs of a business by evaluating the situation, protecting the business from unnecessary risks, and minimizing future liability for the client.

A business transaction attorney can draft, review, and negotiate contractual agreements which affect every part of a business. As your legal advocate, a lawyer can offer skilled guidance on legal strategies which can help position your business enterprise for success. In this way, you and your business management can stay focused on daily operations while knowing a legal professional is keeping an eye on helping attain your long-range goals.


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