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Claremont Construction Law Attorney | Business Lawyer

As an experienced Business Law Attorney and Construction Law Lawyer serving the needs of construction companies, building contractors, commercial services, commercial landscaping companies, commercial and residential contractors, maintenance and repair companies, and solar companies, Thomas Salazar Carter provides skilled legal services focus on resolving his clients’ legal challenges.

Claremont Construction Attorney and Business Lawyer Thomas Carter takes a proactive approach as he protects and defends the business and financial interests of his clients. He brings a personal approach as he tailors his services to the individual requirements of each client. Whether legal advice is needed for starting a new business, resolving a dispute, or if guidance is necessary for conducting transactions, Construction Law Lawyer and Business Attorney Thomas Carter is prepared to represent your interests.

Contact The Law Offices of Thomas Salazar Carter by calling 909.296.3360 to arrange for a complimentary consultation. Mr. Carter goes beyond representing the business as he takes the time to provide a detailed guidance to the business owner. This approach at individual counseling helps the process from becoming too overwhelming for the client.

  Business Law Services for the  Construction Industry  

Claremont Business Attorney Thomas S. Carter is dedicated to protecting the rights and advancing the interests of business owners in Claremont and throughout communities in Southern California.

We handle a wide range of legal needs for business owners, including:

 Skilled Legal Assistance | Construction  and Repair Service Industry

 In the Construction and Repair Services industry, Construction Law Lawyer and Business Attorney Thomas S. Carter provides experienced representation for all types of companies, including but not limited to the following types of businesses.

Building Contractors Attorney

Reviewing, Negotiating, and Drafting of Construction Contracts; Resolving Construction Disputes; Defending cases of Contractor Termination; Failure to Pay Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers, Vendors

Commercial Service Lawyer

Counsel of Financial Decisions; Formation; Resolution of Disputes involving Individuals, Shareholders, Investors; Business Dissolution; Misrepresentation

Commercial Landscaper Attorney

Unfair Business Practices; Contractor & Subcontractor Disputes; Payment Claims; Contracts; Defense in Employment & Labor Issues; Termination Matters

Commercial & Residential Contractors Lawyer

Mechanics’ Liens; Payment Bond Claims; Construction Contracts; Defense of Contractor Termination; Contractor, Supplier, Manufacturer Disputes

Lawyer for Maintenance & Repair Shops

Cease and Desist Letters; Business Formation; Contract Disputes; Employer Defense; Dispute Resolution through Litigation and Negotiation

Solar Energy Companies

Guidance in Regulatory Requirements & Contracts; Project Acquisition; Construction Contracts; Purchase Contracts; Operations and Maintenance Agreements; Mergers and Acquisitions; Dispute Resolution

 Call our Skilled Construction Law and  Business Lawyer

As a highly knowledgeable Business Law Attorney, Thomas S. Carter understands the unique needs of your business. With comprehensive services to handle all types of legal demands, we are here to help your company grow.

Contact The Law Offices of Thomas Carter by calling 909.296.3360. We offer a free consultation to discuss your business concerns and the multiple ways our Claremont Business Law Firm is prepared to support your business interests.