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Claremont General Council Services | Thomas S. Carter

Claremont General Counsel Attorney Thomas Salazar Carter offers legal guidance, advice, and other general counsel services to small businesses in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Focused on effectively resolving the legal challenges of clients throughout Southern California, The Law Offices of Thomas S. Carter provides business-driven insights for clients who do not employ an in-house lawyer.

As outside General Counsel, Business Attorney Thomas S. Carter takes on the role of your In-House Counsel to handle a wide range of business law matters. With this partnership, our clients benefit from our skill and knowledge without incurring the additional expense usually associated with having a lawyer on staff. Mr. Carter goes beyond representing the legal needs of the business when he provides detailed guidance to the business owner at each step of the legal process.

Contact Claremont General Counsel Thomas Carter at 909.296.3360 and arrange for a complimentary consultation to discuss the legal needs of your business.

 General Counsel Attorney in Claremont,  California | In-House Counsel  

As an experienced Business Lawyer, Thomas S. Carter delivers effective legal solutions customized for the needs of each client. Our firm handles many types of business law concerns, including:

Benefits of Retaining Outside General Counsel for In-House Counsel Services

When retaining our Claremont business law firm as General Counsel, your company may benefit in many ways. Your company will gain the in-house counsel services of a seasoned business attorney who will have an “insider’s” knowledge of your organization to effectively manage your legal affairs. In addition, your company will save money by utilizing these affordable and efficient legal services.

As General Counsel, Business Law Attorney Thomas Carter will use his experience to your advantage by offering advice and counsel in an easy to understand manner. He is very approachable and professional. Moreover, he is relentless in his advocacy of his clients.

Mr. Carter is committed to serving clients. This is evident in the positive feedback and referrals he receives.

Employer Defense

In all employment matters, Claremont General Counsel Thomas S. Carter provides a vigorous defense for business owners. We help clients bring legal action against former employees who have violated a non-compete clause. Mr. Carter works closely with clients to minimize the risk of disputes involving employees.

 Human Resources Counsel |  Employment Law Matters

By acting as your In-House Counsel, our firm handles employment-related matters. We draft employment contracts, employee handbooks, and all human resources-type materials. We offer counsel on employment policies and high-risk employee terminations, and we will represent you in the event employment conflicts arise.

  Contact Outside General Counsel  Lawyer Thomas Carter | Free  Consultation

The Law Offices of Thomas S. Carter works with clients at all stages of the business cycle. From start-ups to local small businesses to established companies, our clients seek cost-effective business law services for the support and growth of their unique organizations.

General Counsel Thomas Carter brings personal attention and a straightforward approach as he tailors legal services to the needs of each client. Our business law firm in Claremont is committed to handling legal issues in an efficient and effective manner, allowing clients the freedom to focus their energy on the growth of their business.

Call Business Attorney and General Counsel Thomas Carter at 909.296.3360. We invite you to schedule a free consultation to explore the benefits of retaining an Outside General Counsel for your legal needs.

We take pride in establishing long-term relationships with clients and we keep communications open. We reply to client inquires promptly, and we keep our clients up-to-date as progress and development occur in their legal matters.


Why Retain a General Counsel Attorney?

A general counsel lawyer brings strategic insight immediately to each legal issue. This attorney understands the ins and outs of your particular business and is ready to handle it when needed. Whether it involves routine work as part of your operation or if it involves a new project, outside general counsel can be an integral part of your business’ growth strategy. This attorney will already have comprehensive knowledge of your situation along with experience in a range of business law matters. A general counsel attorney will be prepared to handle your legal issues while protecting you and your business.

How to Hire a General Counsel Lawyer?

If you are considering hiring an outside general counsel attorney, it may be a good idea to first look within your company and consider your needs. What type of growth do you anticipate in the next few years? The growth plans of your organization will necessitate the legal expertise you are looking for in a general counsel lawyer. Consider the state of your business and skills needed to resolve your current legal issues. A seasoned business attorney can uncover and resolve a wide range of legal issues while also keeping an eye toward the future growth of your business. An outside general counsel lawyer should have experience that aligns with your particular vision for the future. This arrangement can help you organize your company in such a way as to mitigate the risk of future liability.

Can this Arrangement Work with In-House Counsel?

There are situations in which in-house counsel calls upon the services of an outside attorney for general counsel services. Perhaps the attorney on staff is stretched due to another big commitment. Perhaps the in-house counsel is looking for an attorney with more experience in a certain area. Or, it’s possible the company is growing and overflow work needs to be efficiently handled. This on-going relationship offers valuable insight and cost-savings to a company because the business can count on the general counsel attorney to handle critical matters on an as-needed basis. This arrangement also helps a business maintain its legal budget while receiving high quality, customized legal services from a general counsel lawyer who knows your business.

Are General Counsel Services Right for Your Business?

If you are ready for an ongoing relationship with an experienced attorney who is prepared to handle your business’ legal needs, your business may be a good fit for general counsel services. With this arrangement, a business lawyer can help build or strengthen your company. You receive reliable legal counsel from a professional who knows the inner workings of your organization. Problems can be averted before they have a chance to arise. You will benefit from consistent legal support to keep your business objectives as a top priority while also mitigating the risk of potential legal issues. Many business owners find general counsel services can free them from getting tangled in complex legal issues so they can focus on integral parts of the business.