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Claremont Business Litigation Lawyer | Thomas S. Carter

Claremont Business Litigation Attorney Thomas Salazar Carter understands the way a business dispute can seriously disrupt the operations of your business. With a high degree of knowledge in a wide range of business matters, Business Lawyer Thomas S. Carter works vigorously to expeditiously resolve disputes.Claremont Business Litigation Lawyer | Thomas S. Carter

As a client of The Law Offices of Thomas S. Carter, you will receive the personal attention your business dispute deserves. Mr. Carter has focused his legal practice on creating effective solutions to a wide range of legal challenges facing clients in Claremont, the Inland Empire, and throughout California. In addition to effectively handling your case, he will guide you at each step of the process.

In business litigation matters, Mr. Carter is determined and assertive when presenting a case. He takes a professional, straightforward approach in these matters as he protects and defends your interests.

Contact Claremont Business Litigation Lawyer Thomas Carter to arrange for a complimentary consultation. Call 909.296.3360 to discuss your legal options and learn the ways our Business Litigation Law Firm is prepared to assist in resolving your business dispute.

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Whether your dispute concerns another business owner, an employee, vendor, or a customer,

Claremont Business Litigation Lawyer Thomas Carter works diligently to pursue a beneficial resolution.

We handle a wide range of business litigation matters, including:

Claremont Business Litigation Attorney Thomas Carter works tirelessly in these sensitive cases to reduce your company’s exposure to liability. Whether your legal issues involve breach of contract, or another type of business ownership dispute, our goal is to resolve the conflict with a solution which achieves your legal goals.

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In order for our clients to avoid any serious disruption to the operation of their business, Claremont Business Litigation Attorney Thomas S. Carter strives to resolve business conflicts in an effective and efficient manner. He makes communication with clients a high priority as he counsels clients on their rights and explains solutions to protect and preserve business interests.

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What is a Business Tort?

A Business Tort consists of any act by another resulting in a monetary or reputational loss. To prevail in an action against an opposing party based on a business tort, it must be proven that the defendant intentionally, negligently or recklessly caused the loss. Additionally, it has to be successfully demonstrated that the defendant had a duty to act in good faith, breached that duty, and caused harm to fall upon the plaintiff business. Some examples of business torts include interference with another’s prospective or existing contract for goods or services, making false (defamatory) claims about another business, and wrongfully interfering with normal business operations.

Business Contract Disputes

Under the law, in order for a contract to be valid there must be a demonstrable “meeting of the minds.” This means that both parties to the contract possess the same understanding of their duties and rights under the terms of the contract. This is particularly important with respect to the sale or purchase of goods or services. Both parties must understand the contractual provisions, and intend to agree to such provisions. When there is a lack of such on both sides, the contract may be invalidated.

Aside from this issue, other disputes may arise such as failure to produce the goods or services within the time allotted, delivering subpar goods, failing to provide the agreed upon services, or lack of payment.

Is Legal Counsel Necessary?

In short, yes. Legal disputes, including relatively minor disagreements that could easily be rectified by a lawyer, can quickly escalate into full blown litigation when attempting to handle the matter yourself.

Should you become involved in a business dispute, it is crucial that you retain the services of a highly qualified attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer may be able to help you avoid litigation, which can be both costly and timely. While sometimes thoroughly unavoidable, a seasoned negotiator may be able to prevent litigation by employing intelligent and creative negotiation tactics that will resolve your dispute peacefully.

Employer / Employee Disputes

Should an employee make accusations of wrongdoing against your business, you must take immediate action to preserve and protect your company and its assets. Employer / Employee disputes include a vast array of causes of action, including Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Wrongful Termination to name a few. These types of disputes can easily destroy a small, family owned business. They can also create an enormous amount of difficulties for large companies with fully staffed HR departments.

Attorney Thomas S. Carter has been providing dedicated, quality legal counsel and representation to businesses in Claremont, the surrounding cities and throughout the Inland Empire for more than ten years. If you are facing employee accusations against your business, please contact us today for a complimentary consultation with a leading Business Litigation Lawyer.

How Long Does Business Litigation Take?

While there is no definite answer to this question as every case is unique, you can generally expect litigation to last anywhere from several months to several years. The timeframe depends on the complexity of the issues at hand, the actions of the parties, and whether or not negotiating a settlement is feasible. If so, this is the timeliest and most cost effective means of resolving the dispute.

Attorney Thomas Carter is not only an experienced and talented litigator, he is also a skilled negotiator. For knowledgeable and intelligent legal counsel, please contact the Law Offices of Thomas S. Carter at (909) 296-3360 to schedule a free, in-depth consultation.