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Business Litigation Attorney Thomas S. Carter | Lawsuits

Disagreements and disputes are not uncommon for commercial enterprises. A legal issue may arise between businesses, or there may be a problem within a business. Handling the dispute properly can help protect a business’ interests while positioning the company for success.

The Law Offices of Thomas S. Carter represents plaintiffs and defendants in all business lawsuits in California. We help businesses pursue individuals or companies that caused harm to the business, and we provide a strong legal defense when others bring claims against a business. We assert our clients’ rights to recover monetary damages and other forms of relief while efficiently resolving the business dispute.

Whether a business is being sued or suing another, our business litigation law firm helps clients obtain the best possible result. Contact Business Litigation Lawyer Thomas S. Carter at (909) 296-3360 to schedule a free consultation.

What Happens when a Business is Being Sued?

A business lawsuit is not to be taken lightly. As a business owner, you know the reality of managing accounting, vendor relationships, sales, and employees; a lawsuit can arise from any number of these business activities. From financial losses to disruption of business operations to affecting a business’s reputation, the repercussions of a lawsuit have serious potential to negatively impact many areas of a business.

Every lawsuit is different, and its course varies depending on dispute type, complexity of evidence, and damages the plaintiff is seeking. The matter should be handled by an experienced business litigation attorney familiar with all types of lawsuits. Within thirty days, the attorney will need to file a response to the summons. The attorney will begin building a solid defense for your case.

Why Do Businesses Get Sued?

Legal action can be brought against a business for many reasons. Often, a business dispute will stem from:

A lawsuit may result when one business fails to complete the terms of a contract or fulfill contractual obligations. Whether the plaintiff is seeking financial compensation or other damages, the business litigation attorney can help you develop a strategy to minimize the risk of liability from lawsuits.

What Can a Business Do if it is Getting Sued?

If you or your company has been served with a court summons indicating a lawsuit has been filed, there are a few actions to take which can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Where are Business Lawsuits Handled?

Business lawsuits are handled in the superior courts. Each county in California has its own superior court system, and often each location may see a particular type of case. The case will be seen before a judge and sometimes a jury. Each side will have a chance to make their case. The judge issues the verdict and may rule in favor of the plaintiff or in favor of the defendant.