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The Law Offices of Thomas S. Carter

250 W. First Street Suite 340 Claremont, CA 91711

Business Litigation

Inland Empire Lawyer | Business Litigation Information Blog

August, 2019 - General Business Litigation  

At the Law Offices of Thomas S. Carter, we represent businesses and individuals in a broad range of business-related disputes that could not be resolved outside of court.

Litigation typically arises because parties are either unable or unwilling to work with each other to resolve their dispute. These cases may be based on breach of contract (whether due to miscommunication about the terms of a contract, failure to pay or deliver, the receipt of goods which do not meet expectations, or failure to deliver on time), the misappropriation of trade secrets, commercial lease or buy/sell disputes, employer/employee conflicts, or a multitude of other issues, both relatively simple and highly complex.

September, 2019 - Can Litigation be Avoided?

Litigation is both costly and time consuming. It also takes away from the day to day business operations because the owner/s or operating officers are distracted from their duties. Rather, they become focused on the dispute at hand, especially if they are involved in a particularly difficult, unusual or extremely complex case.

Business Litigation may be avoided when the parties to an action make a good faith effort to resolve their dispute through settlement negotiations. The process is much less costly in terms of both time and money, and is less disruptive to the business overall.

A highly skilled and seasoned negotiator, Attorney Thomas Carter has been helping companies of all sizes avoid litigation for more than ten years. Mr. Carter puts his extraordinary negotiating skills to work on behalf of clients seeking to settle their matter outside of court. Please contact us at (909) 296-3360 for additional information or to schedule a free, in-depth consultation.

October, 2019 - What are Business Torts?

Business Torts are a category of causes of action that arise due to harm caused to a company’s reputation, intellectual property rights, and business relationships. Due to this classification, the actions taken against your company must be intentional, negligent or reckless. Unlike most other business matters that end up being litigated, the plaintiff company may be entitled to receive punitive damages as a result of another’s actions. A few examples of business torts include:

These cases are generally very complicated and plaintiff must successfully establish several elements in order to prevail. This includes proving that the defendant had a duty to act in good faith and failed to do so, causing harm to come to the business.

Business Litigation Lawyer Thomas S. Carter has spent more than ten years fighting zealously to preserve and protect the interests of his business clients, whether sole proprietorships or corporations. To obtain more information and learn if your circumstances fall under this category, you may contact us via email or call (909) 296-3360 to schedule a free consultation with one of the area’s leading business attorneys.